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"What’s going on?"


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Oh… L-Landon.

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Oh… L-Landon.



Bentham flinched when his hair was ruffled. Why was this guy treating him like a child? Well it could be worse, he thought to himself. After his hair was ruffled, he turned to the redhead just a fraction. “T-thank you?” He really didn’t know how to respond. The blonde let out a little squeak when he felt Landon’s fingers on his neck. Well that was embarrassing. His heart was going miles a minute as he turned to look the bartender in the eye. Why me?

Landon gave a good laugh, liking how this kid was reacting to him. Honestly, this was probably the most amusing thing he’d seen all day, apart from some other people he’d crossed paths with. His fingers went to twirl around a blonde lock of hair, a grin still lining his face. The red head just couldn’t stop laughing at this poor sap.

“Aww, is my blonde kitten embarrassed?” he cooed, leaning downwards, “Do you want me to kiss you better?”

This situation wasn’t getting any better and now Landon was laughing at him. It was the most dreadful feeling in the world. And now this guy was just waltzing past his personal bubble and was getting impossibly closer with each move he made. The blonde knew he mustn’t be rude, but he had to do something. I’m sure this guy is much nicer if I got to know him… But not now. He mustered up his strength to stand up to the redhead. 


Wait. What?


Meredith noticed a young boy had been looking at him- ruffled blonde hair and small freckles dotting his cheeks. Not all too familiar with this character, he approached the boy a bit cautiously.

“… Hello.” He called out gently to the blonde. “Do I know you?”

Bentham looked at the taller man wide-eyed. He knew who he was. Meredith was known for constantly being by Elijah’s side, and they’re both quite intimidating together. The long haired man was more level-headed than his erratic partner, or so they say. Lucky for him, Meredith seemed to be alone.

"Hi, I’m Bentham. We work in the same building you might have seen me a few times." Stay cool, you don’t want to mess this up with someone like him. 



Bentham noticed that the girl had tensed up to his question, which made him feel a little nervous. Had he said something wrong? Petunia seemed like such a nice girl and he didn’t want to mess this up. 

When she said she heard it from a friend, the blonde’s expression lightened up just a tad. “Was it Todd?” He inquired. He couldn’t believe that someone like Todd would actually talk about him… Unless he was making fun of him. It was too good to be true anyways. But he also never expected Todd to have a lady friend so maybe it wasn’t that improbable.

Her expression was filled with a bit of shock. She couldn’t believe Todd knew Bentham, were they friends per chance? The orange haired boy wasn’t one to make friends, so she highly doubted they knew each other on good terms to be called “friends” or “buddies”. She smiled, glad her little lie wasn’t a complete failure after all - All though she did feel a bit bad for lying to him… but what else was there to do without him being freaked out?

Giving a nod she spoke “Y-Yes! He did haha…” her attempt at sounding like she meant it wasn’t in the least believable. She wasn’t very good at lying - scratch that she sucked at lying. Even when she was younger it wasn’t hard for Elijah and Meredith to pick out the smallest of lies she tried to slip through over silly things.

Trying to chance the subject she added quickly “Um- So Bentham… how do you know Todd Allison? H-He didn’t tell me much so!” 

Bentham noticed that girl was acting a bit… strange. She wasn’t as confident as when she fist approached him and her tone was odd. He completely understood though, know how hard it was to approach someone and initiate conversation. The blonde himself was very awkward toward strangers and knew how it felt to not be able to properly express what he wanted to say. He decided not to second guess Petunia since she was one of the few people that didn’t tease him. The boy smiled a little at that thought. 

"Well Todd works with me, but we don’t usually talk outside of work. The only person that I know he talks to is Clancey… And he’s more of Todd’s babysitter." That was sorta funny to think about. Todd Allison could be a bit childish at times, and just plain rude at other times.